Trina says her father was Mother and Father

Name: Trina Turnbow City: Laurel, Md | @Rn.trina

Dad’s Name: Pervis

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Describe your relationship with your Father and how did that impact you?

My Dad was everything. After my mom passed he was literally Superman! He was my Dad, Pastor, advisor, counselor, Mom, Mechanic, hair stylist, styler, there was nothin he wasn’t to me!! I was 2 years old, my sister was 8, and 2 brothers 10 and 15. He was our Father and Mother! From doing the girls hair, to cooking breakfast, making our lunch for school dropping us off and picking us up from school and having a home cooked meal from scratch done!! Helped with homework and still made time to play a hand of old maid or Uno with No complaints!

What’s the best thing you’ve learned from your Father?

My Dad taught me no matter the circumstances you persevere!! He use to tell me when I call him feeling like giving up, “ no Trina you keep pushin you don’t let nothin beat you there’s nothin too hard for God”!!

What struggles did you face in your relationship with your Dad and how did you get through them?

I was a teen mom I had my daughter at 18! No being a Dad and Pastor he was not happy however my Dad was there! Supportive and there! He made me breakfast, lunch, and dinner and brought it to me on a tray!! We talked about everything!

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What has your relationship with your Father taught you about what to look/not look for in your partner?

Lol! My Dad taught me to look for someone who keep God first, strong, love his family, provide, and value teamwork!!

How has your relationship with your Father shaped the woman you are today?

Through everything I been through in life he taught me to Persevere!! I am a Bachelor’s Prepared Registered Nurse specializing in multiple specialties! I am the youngest Black Director of Nursing in my company!! I will finish my Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner- MSN program in 1 year and a half. Our relationship taught me so much and still teaches and guide me my Dad passed 9/25/2015 and have not been easy at all! But with everything he taught me during the 25 years we were together, “there’s nothing I can’t do or accomplish as long as I keep God first and just do it and when it gets hard keep pushin”!!

If you could write a short letter to your father, starting with “Dear Father,” what would you say?

Dear Father, oh how I miss you! Your unconditional love is still felt even in your absence! I just want to thank you for everything! I could not imagine surviving this life without you being my Dad/Mom! Grateful I am!! Although you were here with me a short time the knowledge you instilled inside of me continue to inspire me to keep pushin!! Tears flow as I write this to explain how awesome you are! Please continue to watch over and guide me until we meet again.
Love you,
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