Tips On How To Take Care While Trucking

No matter what you are surrounded by in the home, office, or anywhere else, for that matter was brought to you by truckers. Without the transportation industry and the thousands of dedicated drivers, the economy will be brought to a standstill. People who love driving or enjoy vehicles in general are typically people who enjoy this career. 

You can easily argue that truckers and trucking as a profession is one of the most important jobs in the world. The long hours, crossing countries and tackling different road laws, and driving through a range of different conditions. 

Not only is trucking integral to how we live as a society, but it is one of the most dangerous jobs too! In 2020 there were just under 5000 fatal crashes. 

So how can truckers be proactive and help keep themselves safe? Personal safety is important because almost all hauls are worth a lot of cash – and trucks are the target of gangs and would-be thieves. 


Long-haul driving and early or late hours mean there is a lot less light. It also means that you will be relying on the lamps in truck stops and layovers. Where possible, always make sure that you get the truck, especially the cab, under lights, and/or near cameras. 

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Have a visible camera set up and working so that if anything does happen, you will be able to capture it. Often a visible camera is enough to deter a thief, so try to position it or them somewhere that is visible from the ground. 


Even if you are just stopping for a quick toilet break, or to get out and stretch your legs, always be sure to pull the curtains. It makes it less attractive for opportunistic thieves because they can’t see what is in there, and curtains slow down the process too. 

As well as pulling the curtains, make sure that you take any valuables with you if you are leaving the truck for any amount of time. 

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Your driving manager will be one of your biggest advocates so long as they are aware of the situation. If you are an owner-operator, that might be a bit more difficult – but you should still have someone that you can talk to if things don’t seem to be right. 

You can give feedback on things like parking in an unknown area, or you see something that isn’t typical. 

Thieves do target truck stops because they are loaded with ease-to-access cabs, but they will take everything from license plates to fuel caps. 

One of the best things about being in the trucking industry is that they have an amazing community – so the chances are you will be able to contact other truckers as you travel. 


The rule of better being safe than sorry is important – and what that means is you shouldn’t try to handle all situations by yourself. Instead, calling the authorities when you need it or calling for other professional help is something that can help you in the long run. 

As mentioned before, trucking can be one of the most dangerous jobs, and there are a large number of accidents every year, and even getting a lawyer for a truck accident can be the help you need at the time. 

Extra security 

Sometimes customers will assume that the standard locks on the truck will be enough – others will supply extra locks and security. For your own peace of mind, it is a good idea to have spare locks and other security. 

As an addition, add an extra seal – and every time you get back to the truck, check it for being tampered with. 

If anything has been tampered with in any way, make sure you tell other drivers who will be stopping there. 


One of the most common pieces of advice from season truckers, which are used to rest stops at night, is never to walk between the trailers. While many truck stops are safe, there are others where you might find people hiding under the trailer or in gaps. 

If you suspect someone on your catwalk, you can start up the truck and see if that does anything to move them – often, they will vacate when they realize someone is in there and they have been spotted. 


While you are on the lookout for unsavory characters – so are other drivers. Wearing reflective clothing, obvious track patches, using a torch, or making noise can be helpful when it comes to identification. Would-be thieves would rather be hidden away in the dark and not visible. This visibility can help other truckers recognize you and avoid issues.



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