Car Getting Old? Here’s What To Do

Old cars can be classic and vintage, they can be rare and special. However, the majority of them are simply old vehicles that don’t have much life left in them. When you first notice an older car start to misbehave, you need to think about the best next step to take. 

Mainly, when a car gets old, it’s got to go! You just need to make sure you’re getting the best deal when you decide to either sell, scrap, or pass on. So let’s go through a little guide below to ensure you’re in the know about generating some cash for your next vehicle. 


Is the Car Still in Good Condition?

An old car isn’t necessarily one you need to get rid of. It could still be a good vehicle that’s roadworthy, and perfect for passing onto your teen who’s just learnt to drive. As such, this is the first thing to determine. Is this car that’s at least 10 years old by now really on the way out? 

Get under the hood and check around, double check the mileage on the clock, and see how the tyres are holding up. Similarly, do some research into the model’s durability, and what the manufacturer says about how long they should last. 

Take it to a Mechanic

Having a mechanic look over your vehicle is the best way to find out if it’s still good to drive or needs to go. If you can get it towed to the local shop, or you can get a mechanic to come round and check it over, do so as soon as possible. 

Of course, some mechanics may try to hard sell you into getting repairs you don’t really need. Make sure you’ve read up on how cars work before the meeting, or at the very least, that you’re good to say ‘no’ if the chance crops up! 

Think About Selling or Scrapping

An older car often has only two simple ways to go: towards a new home or ending up on the scrapheap. And while one sounds more preferable than the other, they can both actually make you some money. Yes, even when it’s no good to drive anymore, your vehicle could still bring in an extra $300 at least. 

Indeed, you can use websites like edmunds to find out what your car might be worth, as well as compare it to similar models that have been bought and sold in the past. Once you’ve done that, consider the condition your car is in and whether it has a few more years in it. If you eventually decide it’s no good, you can sell for parts either as a whole car or through scrap metal. 

Is your car getting on a bit? An old car can make you a lot of money, or it could be a convenient way to give your family a little more independence. Make sure you understand how well it’s doing before you choose either option! 



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