The Finding Tony Film by Raven Magwood Goodson Is A Must See

Finding Tony is the latest sports redemption movie that will have you cheering like you are in the stands. Starring Stephen Bishop and Raquel Justice, Finding Tony reveals the tale of a former basketball player who overcame a tragic loss by coaching a women’s basketball team. The team behind the film wants to deliver the message that you can overcome adversity.

The film is directed by Raven Magwood Goodson and executive produced by NBA basketball player Anthony Davis. It is about a widowed NBA star, Tony Greene, who loses everything after his wife is murdered. He reluctantly begins coaching a junior college women’s basketball team, where he meets Destiny, an orphaned basketball phenom who will change his life forever. The independent film also stars David Banner and Columbus Short. Finding Tony tackles grief, depression, and overcoming obstacles. Check out our interview with Raven Magwood Goodson below:

Tell us about who you are and what you do?

My name is Raven Magwood Goodson, and I am the writer/producer/director of the new film Finding Tony, starring Stephen Bishop, David Banner, Columbus Short, Raquel Justice, Rodney Perry, Jock McKissic, and many more amazing individuals.

What led to your passion when it comes to directing?

God has truly directed my steps, because 10-year-old me would never believe that I am doing this. I used to be extremely shy, but I’ve always loved to write and create stories. When I was just 11 years old, I wrote my first book which ended up becoming a bestseller. That book allowed me to receive an invite to be a keynote speaker for Stedman Graham in Charlotte at only 12 years old. I was super nervous and almost backed out; however, I ended up receiving a standing ovation. That started my journey in becoming a motivational speaker. Over the years, my speaking and book writing evolved into screenplay writing. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be able to direct the films that I write. Finding Tony is my directorial debut, and I had so much fun bringing it to life! This is definitely something that I want to continue doing for years to come.

Tell us more about Finding Tony and the plot of the movie?

Finding Tony is about former NBA star Tony Greene, who finds himself in a state of depression after the murder of his wife. A DUI serves as a catalyst for him to start coaching a women’s junior college basketball team, where he meets Destiny, an orphaned basketball phenom with a bad attitude and an amazing jumpshot. The film follows Tony on his journey of redemption in a uniquely told story with many twists and turns.

What was your favorite part about directing the film?

My favorite part about directing Finding Tony was having the opportunity to watch this amazing cast transform into the characters that I wrote. They did such a great job and heightened the film in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. I also enjoyed being a part of the editing process and witnessing everything come together to create the final version of the film. People say that there are three versions of every movie: the one that is written, the one that is filmed, and the one that is edited. For Finding Tony, the story remained consistent, but it was elevated through each step of the process.

Why is Finding Tony an important movie for black men and fathers?

Finding Tony is an important film for black fathers and black men in general because of the emphasis that is placed on the significance of mental health. Black men will see themselves in Tony. He’s smart, athletic, and he’s loved by the ladies. However, the adversity that he has experienced in life has knocked him down time and time again. The toll that this adversity takes on his mental health is evident. In the film, we explore ways of overcoming adversity and still achieving success despite what may be happening both internally and externally in a person’s life. There are many high expectations of men. Whether it’s to protect, provide, or just be strong in general, men are expected to carry a lot. I want men to know that they are seen and that there is support if they are open to the different avenues available. I also want men to know the impact that they truly have on people’s lives. In Finding Tony, Tony impacts the lives of his team in more ways that he could have ever imagined.

In the movie, the main character deals with depression. Talk to us about the importance of mental health for black men and why it’s good to have a supportive community?

It’s extremely important for black men to pay attention to their mental health. There are so many black men who struggle in silence because they don’t know how to ask for help or where to go for help. We have to make mental health a priority so that our black men can truly live out their highest potentials in all areas of their lives. In Finding Tony, we not only see how therapy has helped the main character, but how his support system plays a critical role in his well being. Tony’s best friend Terrence (played by David Banner) is an important person in his life who is able to help him navigate this stressful part of his journey.

In the film, the main character coaches a woman’s basketball team. Tell us why it was important for him to coach these girls as a part of the story?

It’s rare to see a father/daughter type of relationship play out in movies, especially sports films. Most of the time, it’s the male coach with his men’s team or the female coach with her women’s team. I wanted to explore this dynamic and put men in a positive light with regards to being great influences in general, not just for their men’s sports teams.

With the main character dealing with the loss of his wife, what can Finding Tony teach us about the journey of grief when losing a loved one?

Grief is tough, and it’s a process. If we understand that, then we can take proper steps towards healing. Life is going to be different after losing someone important to us. So we can’t expect ourselves (or anyone else) to just be “okay” after a short amount of time. We have to learn how to navigate a new life without that special someone, and that will most often be a process full of ups and downs. These moments are when therapy and a solid community will play an important role in our healing process.

What are three takeaways our viewers will gain from the film?

First, I want people to feel encouraged despite any adversity they may be going through. As I always say, a bend in the road is not the end of the road unless we fail to make the turn. Second, I want people to recognize the impact they can have on another person’s life. Sometimes we can feel insignificant in this huge world, but there is always someone looking at us that can be inspired by our journey. Third, I want people to be encouraged to seek help when needed. This could mean therapy, or it could just mean accepting the help of a friend or loved one. We can’t expect to do everything alone.

When and where can people watch the film? How can everyone follow your journey?

People can rent/buy the film at right now. On June 18th, it will be available across all TVOD platforms (Amazon, AppleTV, Fandango, DirecTV, etc.) Please follow the film’s social media pages @findingtonyfilm for the latest updates. You can also follow me @ravenmagwoodgoodson to follow my journey with Finding Tony and other projects I am working on! Thank you!

Finding Tony combines tragedy, inspiration, and other narrative tools to keep you engaged until the last shot. Goodson, Bishop, and the whole crew worked hard to deliver a sports redemption story that is different from the rest.


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