Oluyemi Falomo Talks Fatherhood, Falhouse Books, and More

Tell us more about who you are and what you do? 

I’m a retired engineer, father, and grandfather with a passion for storytelling, music, and math. I was born and raised in Nigeria, where I developed a love for tales with cultural and moral values.

As a father, I have always been committed to passing on my cultural heritage and love for learning to my children and future generations. My debut children’s book “The Princess and the Gourd” is one of such beloved tales which I told to my children over thirty years ago and with the help of my daughter, I’ve decided to share the story with a wider audience.

In addition to my passion for storytelling, I am also an avid musician. I can often be found at my piano bench, playing and composing music. When I am not playing piano, I enjoy tutoring children and helping them develop their own love for math and music.

What was the reason behind starting your publishing company?

Starting Falhouse Books stemmed from a profound need to address the noticeable gap in children’s literature. There is a significant lack of books authored by diverse writers, featuring under-represented characters and cultures. Statistics show that a disproportionate number of children’s books are written by and about the same demographic, leaving many voices unheard and many children without stories that reflect their own experiences and backgrounds.

The importance of telling our own stories cannot be overstated. When children see themselves in the books they read, it fosters a sense of belonging, self-worth, and inspiration. It is crucial for children from all backgrounds to have access to literature that reflects the rich diversity of our world. Our mission at Falhouse Books is to fill that void by providing a platform for diverse authors to share their unique narratives, celebrating cultures, and experiences that are often overlooked. By doing so, we aim to nurture a generation of readers who are more empathetic, culturally aware, and confident in their identities.

How special is it for you to build something like that with your daughter

Working with my daughter, Dr. Mo Falomo, to co-found Falhouse Books has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Her expertise in pediatric audiology, child development, and publishing has been invaluable in shaping our vision and goals. Together, we are committed to creating a publishing company that not only produces high-quality, diverse children’s literature but also fosters a love of reading and learning in young readers. Dr. Falomo’s passion for child development and her dedication to making a positive impact on young lives align perfectly with our mission, and I am proud to partner with her on this journey.

Building something like Falhouse Books with my daughter is incredibly special to me. I have always been confident in her ability to produce quality results due to her outstanding work ethic and commitment to excellence. Working together has also provided a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between generations, combining my experiences and stories with her fresh perspective and modern insights.

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What does being a Girl Dad mean to you? 

For me, being a ‘Girl Dad’ means investing in my daughter just as much as I would a son, ensuring her potential is fully realized and nurtured. It means celebrating her strengths, supporting her dreams, and encouraging her ambitions. A father is often a daughter’s first love, so it’s important to show her healthy love through my words and actions, demonstrating that she is valuable and worthy of love. I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact of love, equal support, and encouragement through my daughter, Dr. Mo Falomo.

Being a ‘Girl Dad’ is about fostering empowerment, confidence, and self-worth in my daughter and all girls. It’s about showing them they can achieve anything and that their contributions are invaluable. This philosophy has guided our family and our mission at Falhouse Books to amplify diverse voices and stories, ensuring all children see themselves represented and valued.

Who is Oluyemi as a Father? 

Let me start with this statement: fathering a child is not synonymous with being a father! To me, fathering children and being able to take care of them is a gift from God. As a father, I want the best for my children. I extend this desire to the children in my extended family and those within my sphere of influence.

I seize every opportunity to tutor, advocate, and support them, ensuring they have the resources and encouragement they need to thrive. Being a father means actively participating in their growth, nurturing their potential, and guiding them with love and dedication.

Any advice to the future generation of Fathers navigating their journey?

Future generations of fathers must cherish their children and invest in them to the best of their abilities. Fathering a child does not make one a father; being a father means being present and actively involved in their lives. A father should always be there for his children, ready to make sacrifices for them and protect them.

Set good examples for your children, as they are highly observant from an early age. They will notice your values, what you stand for, and how you respond to different situations. Be their North Star, guiding them with unwavering love, integrity, and support.

What would you go back and tell your younger self about the journey of fatherhood and how to navigate it now that you know so much?

I would advise my younger self to be less demanding of my children, especially regarding academic excellence. I’ve learned that children have different learning styles, so it’s crucial to understand each child’s abilities and strengths. Patience is key, along with nurturing their unique potential. Balancing expectations with empathy and support creates an environment where children feel understood and valued, fostering their growth and strengthening the bond between father and child.

Define what “Legacy” means to you?

Legacy, to me, is like casting a stone into a calm pond, creating ripples that extend far beyond the initial impact. These ripples represent the lasting legacies of goodness, kindness, positivity, integrity, education, and faith that we leave behind. They reflect our actions and values, shaping the lives of those we touch and influencing future generations.

Just as a ripple spreads outward, our legacy continues to guide and inspire both those who knew us personally and those who feel our impact through the lives we touched. It’s a testament to the positive difference we made in the world, leaving a trail of goodness and inspiration in our wake.

I fervently hope that my children and Falhouse Books embody this concept, creating its own ripple effect of positive impact through the stories we share, the values we uphold, and the lives we touch. In doing so, we can leave a lasting legacy of empowerment, enlightenment, and enrichment for generations to come.

Do you believe the next generation of children’s literature is in good hands? Why or why not? 

Yes, I do believe that the next generation of children’s literature is in good hands, especially when platforms enable underrepresented groups to tell their own stories. This is because children’s literature should not only entertain but also educate and instill values. By focusing on these three aspects—education, impact, and entertainment—stories become more relevant and meaningful to young readers. While society may prioritize entertainment, it’s essential to ensure that children’s literature reflects diverse voices and perspectives.

Progress has been made in diversifying children’s literature, but there’s still work to be done to ensure that all voices are heard and represented authentically. Platforms that empower underrepresented groups to share their stories are crucial in this regard. Despite the challenges, there is optimism that children’s literature is moving in the right direction, aiming to provide a rich and inclusive reading experience for future generations.

How can people learn more about you, your brands, follow you, etc?

To learn more about Falhouse Books and stay updated with our latest news and releases, visit www.falhousebooks.com and follow us on Instagram @falhouse.books for behind-the-scenes looks, book recommendations, and insights on supporting underrepresented children. We’re excited to connect with readers and share our passion for diverse and meaningful children’s literature and child development resources. Additionally, my debut children’s book, “The Princess and the Gourd,” is available for sale on our website too.


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