Sherry Cochran Says “My relationship with my father was endearing and emotionally empowering”

Name: Sherry Cochran City: Perrysburg, OHIO | @sherry.cochran.18

Dad’s Name: Burney Benton Moore

Describe your relationship with your Father and how did that impact you?

My relationship with my father was endearing and emotionally empowering. My father was slow to speak and quick to listen. When he didn’t understand he gathered facts before making decisions. All these characteristics I utilize in my life daily!

What’s the best thing you’ve learned from your Father?

One of the best things I learned from my father was accountability resilience and self respect.

What struggles did you face in your relationship with your Dad and how did you get through them?

One very important struggle I faced with my father was not having enough time with him and not valuing the time I shared with him. To be honest I’ve never gotten over the fact of not cherishing time with my dad. My dad had three ladies in his life, what you call open relationships or sister wives today. We were a village and I could go to any of the 3 homes and be well cared for!

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What has your relationship with your Father taught you about what to look/not look for in your partner?

My relationship with my dad taught me to look for and expect good from your partner; however life has taught me to pull off the rose glasses and meet people where they are!

How has your relationship with your Father shaped the woman you are today?

Great question my relationship with my father molded my self esteem and my self worth. My father taught me there are two things in life right and wrong no in between. I live that way still to this day!

If you could write a short letter to your father, starting with “Dear Father,” what would you say?

Dear Father,

I know you are with me everyday in spirit. I appreciate all those long talks when I made wrong choices. Sometimes your words hurt worst than a belt. Thank you for talking to me instead of at me and thank you for HEARING ME!

Forever Love
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