Terry Harden II Talks Fatherhood, Weight Loss Journey, & Legacy

Tell us more about who you are and what you do? 

Terry Harden II I’m a husband and father to three little ones. Tya 10, Terryn 8, and little Terry III 5. My family is my world and they an important part in everything that I do. I have a day job in the mortgage industry, but over the last few years I have found a love for creating content, sharing my life, and finding ways to inspire the world through my social media platform by sharing faith, family, fitness, and meal prep content!

How has your weight loss journey impacted your life?

It’s impacted me in so many ways. First in my own health. I was pre diabetic and had high cholesterol. I was secretly killing myself with food and didn’t even know it.

After losing weight I realized how much more I was able to do and enjoy in life. Things that most people take for granted like shopping at regular stores, seating in chairs and even sports games comfortable, not having to use a seatbelt extension or extra seat when flying, and so much more.

By sharing my journey was then able to connect with and inspire others that were going through their own journeys. Showing them the possibilities of what life can be like when we take control of our health.

I’ve been able to be a keynote speaker and travel across the country sharing my story and inspiring others.

How has your weight loss journey impacted your fatherhood journey?

It’s allowed me to be more of a physically active father. Having the energy to run and play with my kids without being out of breath. It’s also taught me healthier habits that I’ve been able to in return help educate my wife and kids. As I changed my life it helped change theirs!

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What’s your relationship with your Dad and how did that impact your life?

As a kid my dad was my best friend. I still remember always wanting to be by his side. He was legit my hero. Then once my parents got divorced I believe it changed our relationship.

I went from being around him daily, to every other weekend, to as I got older only seeing him on birthdays and holidays.

My dad isn’t a bad dad, we just don’t have the relationship that I have my with my kids. We don’t talk often. We can go weeks and months without talking, but when we are around each other or catch up it’s all love.

Do you teach your kids the importance of health and wellness? If so, why?

Absolutely, once I changed my life I wanted them to be educated too. I don’t force my habits on them but I believe they follow my lead. They eat wayyy better than I did as a kid but they don’t eat perfect. I still allow them to enjoy things kids enjoy but they also incorporate fruits and veggies into their lunches and dinners.

Who is Terry as a Father?

I am everything that I wanted… I’m a dad that spends every moment I can with my kids. I never let a day go by without tell them I love them. I try to be present and around for every moment that I can because I know how important that is.

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself since building your community? 

I’ve learned that my journey was less about me and more about my purpose from God to share my journey in life in order to help inspire others. That includes faith, family, and fitness. Sharing it all showing how Dope it is to be a man of faith that loves his life, wife and children!

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself since becoming a father?

I’ve learned that my role as a father is important and I had to go through everything that I went through in order to be the father that I am today.

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Define what a “Dope Dad” means to you?

To me being a Dope Dad means more than just the name. It’s being a Dad that not only connects and relates with his kids and other dad’s, but also inspires other dad’s showing them how cool fatherhood is and can be!

If you could write a quick letter to your Dad starting with Dear Father, what would you say?

Dear Father, Thanks for everything you taught me directly and indirectly. I believe it motivated me to be the father that I am today…

How can people learn more about you, your brands, follow you, etc?

They can follow @JustaDopeDad on all social media platforms. We also have a family YouTube page @HangingWithTheHardensunnamed 6


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