Why is My Kid’s Bedroom So Freaking Cold?

Brrrr… Is your kid’s bedroom icy? Have you ever tiptoed into your child’s bedroom only to feel an Arctic breeze? You’re not alone. Many of us share the struggle of keeping our little ones cozy during the colder months. The truth is that when you’re working with kids, you need to consider that kids’ logic is not quite the same as ours, parents. So, there may be signs of why the bedroom is so cold, but you can’t always count on them to let you know!

Let’s explore some reasons why your kid’s bedroom might resemble an igloo and what you can do about it.

Window Woes: The Cold Culprit

Kids are notorious for cranking up the excitement in their bedrooms, especially during playtime. If you’ve got siblings sharing a bedroom, you can be sure that as soon as one is in the good for plays, the other one will join in. 

A good way to prevent late-night games is to give them different bedtime routines, but let’s be honest. This will only wake the first kid up! So, if they play together at night, your kids are likely to get warm fast and they may choose to open the window. 

If your young adventurers are opening windows in the heat of the moment, there’s a good chance they might forget to close them before drifting into dreamland. The result? A chilly room that rivals the North Pole.

The answer: Check the windows before sending them off to sleep!

Roof’s Rainy Day Blues

Ever heard the pitter-patter of rain inside your kid’s room? If so, it might be due to water infiltration on the roof. Leaks can sneak in unnoticed, making the room not only damp but also downright frigid. Time to check the roof and patch up those leaks before Jack Frost sets up camp.

You may not have leaks coming into their bedroom, but you could have water leaks underneath the roof. So, if their ceiling is cold to the touch, you may want to get your roof checked. 

Gutter Gaffes: Ice, Ice, Maybe Not So Nice

Clogged gutters can turn into a winter wonderland nightmare. When water stagnates and freezes inside clogged gutters, it can lead to ice buildup. 

This icy spectacle might look picturesque, but it’s no friend to your child’s warmth. Regular gutter cleaning is the key to preventing this chilly calamity.

Furniture Blocking the Warmth

You’ve got the heater humming, but your kid’s room remains frigid. What gives? Check if that comfy bean bag or stylish dresser is playing goalie to the warm air trying to reach the far corners of the room. It’s worth rearranging the furniture to ensure that the heater’s efforts aren’t thwarted by a well-placed obstacle course.

You may think to yourself: But I know better than putting anything in front of the radiator. Yes, you do. Your kids, less so. So, if you’ve got amateur indoor designers at home, it’s worth checking from time to time. 

In conclusion, maintaining a toasty haven for your little ones involves a bit of detective work and a dash of DIY spirit. Here’s one nugget of truth though: Most kids are unlikely to notice that it is cold if they are asleep or that things are not the way they should be. So, fellow parents, you want to go investigate that bedroom pronto! 

After all, a cozy room is not just a matter of comfort but a recipe for sweet dreams and happy mornings.



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