8 Side Hustles Perfect for Parents

It doesn’t matter what you need extra funds for, be it day or day living expenses, saving for a car, home repairs, or your child’s college fund, being able to boost your savings account will help you to get a head start on your financial goals and afford those things you have been dreaming of.

A great way to do this without too much effort on your part or taking on another job outside of the home is to start a side hustle.

What Is A Side Hustle? 

A side hustle is an additional income stream you do outside of your regular employment that can be done ad hoc when you have the time or on a part-time basis. Side hustles are more commonly known as side gigs or moonlighting, and they’re nothing new; people have been doing this for many years. But these days, side hustles are now more accessible and can be done remotely or in person, depending on the option you choose. 

If you want to make some extra cash working from home around your family, then these options will be perfect for you. 

Sell Digital Items

Digital items such as printable or downloads and artwork are ideal for those adept at creating resources others want to buy and have an eye for design and attention to detail. 

You could create graphics that people can download and print out at home to hang on walls. You can create and sell lesson plans, notebooks, financial planners, savings tools, social media assets, blog themes, and more. 

All you need is access to laptop editing software to create your digital products or assets and a way to list them.

From here, you then need to make your items to get them sold and create an income stream. You can get going for relatively little outlay if you already have an internet connection laptop and access to editing software; you can use Canva for free to get started or pay for an Adobe subscription to help you design the perfect product. 

Video Editing Jobs

If you are a whizz at editing videos or you think this is something you can easily learn, you can get started using free apps on your phone to get a feel for what you need to do. Or use your existing skills and software to edit videos for others. 

Video is one of the most popular forms of media consumed online, and there is no shortage of online content creators, influencers, and businesses needing help editing videos. 

You will need to have a good understanding or knowledge of aspects of editing such as audio production, color correction, and sound design to really provide exceptional services and give your clients exactly what they need. Rates for video editing can vary depending on your skills, the project at hand, and the time spent editing, but you can expect to earn somewhere in the ballpark of $50 an hour. 


A dropshipping business is essentially like running any other online store aside from the fact that you don’t have to buy any inventory upfront or store it at home. To the customer, it will look like any other retail operation, but all orders will be fulfilled and shipped via a third party. 

You need to choose your partner wisely as you will be depending on them to support your business and get the product shipped in a timely manner and in good condition. 

All you need to do is the customer-facing communications marketing and product curation, i.e., sourcing and deciding on the products you choose to sell. Check out sites like Oberlo and Alibaba to get started. 

Content Creator

Content creators are hugely popular right now, and with more people consuming media than ever before online, there is ample opportunity to create an income without even leaving home. 

You can write blog posts, create videos, social media reels, and more. To be successful, you need to be able to be creative to come up with ideas for your content and produce it in a way that people want to share and engage with it. Once you reach the stage where you have a good amount of followers and engagement, you can then monetize your channels so you can earn an income.

This option is more time-consuming than some and isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, but for those with a passion for creating content and who can come up with ideas that people can relate to, this is a great way to supplement your income. 

Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant is the same as a personal assistant in that you do work to help other people out. This difference is that you work remotely and as a freelancer as opposed to being on the payroll. Although there are in house VA roles you can access if you wish.

You can help a wide range of people by doing general VA tasks or niche down to work in a specific industry, but typically, VA duties are what you have experience and expertise in that others can benefit from. 

You can offer services that cover tasks, including 

  • Managing inboxes
  • Social media management or scheduling 
  • Booking appointments 
  • Making phone calls
  • Booking travel arrangements
  • Managing websites

Other more niche tasks you might perform can include marketing services, writing blog posts, website maintenance, and more. The work you actually do is dependent on what service you choose to offer.

Language Teacher

Teaching online or in person in your home can be an excellent side hustle. You can teach English virtually to non-native speakers, both adults and children. Or you can teach students different languages if you are fluent in more than one language. From being a tutor to support a child’s education to helping someone learn a new language for work or travel, there is a wide range of language jobs you can take on full or part-time to help you earn some money and make the most of your skills. 


If you have spare rooms in your home, part of your home you can convert, e.g., a garage conversion, or a building on your land that has amenities, why not rent it out? 

This is ideal for those who live in an area that hosts major events, i.e., sporting events, concerts, festivals, etc. You can rent out your room or even your home if you wish to make some money. You can head out of town or stay with family for a weekend while hosting travelers in your home via booking sites such as Airbnb or VRBO. 

If this doesn’t appeal, but you do have space at home that isn’t being used, why not rent it out as office space? If you can set up a desk offering drinks and a reliable internet connection, then you can appeal to the work-from-home community who need a quiet place to work from that isn’t a coffee shop. 

Host Online Courses or Classes

An excellent option for those with a unique skill set or education is to provide online courses and tutorials for others to take part in. 

It can be anything from helping people manage their finances to improving their nutrition, fitness, and even basic life skills. You can teach anything and anything you have a good knowledge of and have a proven track record of success in. 

A side hustle is something that allows you to earn an income to utilize your skills. These options are ideal for those who don’t want to have to leave home, making them perfect for busy parents. 



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