How To Stop Working From Home Having An Impact On Your Health

Working from home has a lot of benefits. It can be a great way to improve your work/life balance, help you focus without the usual office distractions, and so much more. While a lot of people may have returned to the office by now, for others, homeworking has become the norm, bringing with it all of its advantages, and disadvantages.

As working from home generally involves a different routine and a different set of habits, there’s a chance that your current routine could be impacting your health. Take a look at some of the things you can do to help you work from home in a healthy and effective way for an improved home working life.

Maintain a proper desk area

Working from home means working in comfortable, familiar surroundings, but what if they get too comfortable? While you need to feel relaxed at work, it’s also important that your desk area is designed to help you be productive, while supporting your body and posture. Set up a home office that will help you work to your best, ensuring you stay productive at work.

Adjust your posture

It’s easy to feel more relaxed at home compared to working in the office – doesn’t everyone wear comfier clothes when working from home? But it’s easy to let bad habits form, including bad posture. Pay attention to your posture and make an effort to improve it – there are even desk aids like footrests you can use to help you sit up tall and straight. 

If you’re struggling with your posture and it’s beginning to affect your mood, sleep, or anything – try visiting a chiropractor. The best chiropractor will be able to make adjustments that will make things more comfortable for you, as well as provide you with some good advice on how to improve your posture in general. You could feel a big difference, ensuring you can stay focused and happy while working from home.

Avoid unhealthy eating habits

With your kitchen just a few feet away, it’s easy to be back and forth during the day, snacking and looking for distractions. But this is how unhealthy eating habits can creep in, which is why you need to be extra careful about what you eat during the work day. Meal planning is a good way to help you avoid bad eating habits, and eating a balanced diet that includes your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, can help stop those extra cravings.

If you can’t control your snacking, avoid buying snacks that are bad for you and fill your home with healthier treats instead.

Make a point of being active

Many people struggle to be active during the workday, and this is even more true when you’re working from home. Without people to talk to or meetings to get to, you can find yourself sitting at your desk for hours on end, when you should be keeping a little more active. Try going for a walk at lunchtime or find some time to exercise – a standing desk or desk treadmill can also be useful for helping you move a little more to keep your fitness levels up. Try some home office stretches to help you out when you need a little boost during the day:



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