Brandi Harper Says “I tell him everything and he always make sure he has my back no matter what.”

Name: Brandi Harper City: Marietta GA | @theinfamousbrandi

Dad’s Name: Lonnie Harper

Describe your relationship with your Father and how did that impact you?

Me and my father’s relationship wasn’t always the best but as I got older we grew closer. We always been close because I’m his first child/daughter. Me and my dad hang out, we talk everyday, I tell him everything and he always make sure he has my back no matter what.

What’s the best thing you’ve learned from your Father?

I learned that I can be loved unconditionally. My dad always sees me in a good way and doesn’t judge me

What struggles did you face in your relationship with your Dad and how did you get through them?

When I was younger he didn’t like how men were always attracted to me, young and old so it was a struggle when he found out I was pregnant with my first son. He just didn’t like that I was growing up but he loves his grandsons and I will always be his baby girl

What has your relationship with your Father taught you about what to look/not look for in your partner?

My father didn’t always have a good track record with women and I knew that and he didn’t teach me things to look out for in men so I had to learn the hard way but he was my dad so I didn’t get mad I just ignored his flaws. It kind of made me accept things from men I shouldn’t have and I sometimes resent him because of it.

How has your relationship with your Father shaped the woman you are today?

It showed me that men aren’t perfect and I am not either so people deserve a chance as long as they aren’t repeating the same mistakes.

If you could write a short letter to your father, starting with “Dear Father,” what would you say?

Hey dad, It’s me, your first born. Just wanted to tell you Thank you for everything you’ve Dear Father, thank you for being the dad you are to me. I love how I can talk to you about anything, I know that you will go to the ends of the earth for me and I’m so happy to be your daughter. You are the coolest person I know and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone in this world. You gave me life and made me the beautiful woman I am. Thank you Dad



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