“Money Stories” Powered by Kinly: Featuring Dr. Lamar Quinn, Founder of Toast for Charity

We’re super excited to announce our partnership with @bekinlyapp, a Black-owned digital banking app to create conversations amongst Black Men when it comes to the importance of Financial Health, how our relationships with money have evolved from childhood to adulthood, how we plan to teach our kids about financial literacy, and much more. Join us on IG LIVE every other week for our “Money Stories” conversations led by our host @Corey.G.Patterson, SALUTE! 💪🏾❤️ #DearFathers #BeKinly #MoneyStories

Tap into our conversation with Father and Founder of Toast for Charity @upwards06

Kinly is a financial service company helping Black America build generational wealth. By developing a platform focused on improving financial livelihood through incentive-based financial education, Black-focused spending, and automated wealth building, Kinly helps members manage their money and develop positive financial behavior to reach goals and realize dreams. STAY TUNED as well be giving out some free Dear Fathers merch and coffee donated to us by @blkandbold through this series.

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