Tevin Eversley Shares His Dads In Delivery Story

Name: Tevin Eversley | City: Brooklyn NY | IG: @Funeral_Tev

Take us through your thoughts the moment you realized your child was ready to come into this world.

Well the day I realized that my son Zion was ready to enter the world I was full of joy & excitement. I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. With me being a entrepreneur while running multiple businesses it feels amazing to come home to my mini me. He definitely helps me escape all of the stress that comes with life. One day I definitely look forward to handing my company over to him.

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What were your physical, mental, and emotional feelings while in the delivery room as your child was entering the world.

Physically I was ready to hold him and shower him with nothing but love & affection. Mentally I wanted to make sure that my girlfriend was as safe as possible throughout her delivery. I was on top of everything in the delivery room. I asked many questions and kept her informed on everything that was happening. All of my emotions hit me when I heard him crying after the doctor took him out. Tears of joy ran down my face!. That was definitely the best day of my life.

Describe what it felt like holding your child for the first time?

Honestly there is no words to describe that feeling. It just made me feel complete if that makes any sense.

Do you have any advice for fathers who are expecting for the first time?

My advice for fathers that are expecting would be to just be there for the entire experience. It brings you closer to your mate. Go to all of the doctors appointments & be the best support system. Child birth is definitely a life changing experience!.

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