Melvin Smith Says “being a father to me means being there not just financially but physically, emotionally and mentally”

Name: Melvin Smith  City: Austin, Tx | IG: @3GangSmurf

What does being a father mean to you?

Everything ! Honestly being a father to me means being there not just financially but physically, emotionally and mentally. I have 3 beautiful daughters 5, 4 and 2 and 1 amazing son who is 6 with one more son on the way. I’ll go above and beyond for my babies.

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Describe your experience with your father growing up and how that impacted you today.

Growing up my father has always been part of my life. I would see him during summers growing up until about the age of 11, that’s when my parents decided it was time for me to move in with him. Not due to behavioral issues or anything like that I guess they just felt it was that time. I feel the relationship was okay simply because he was there physically but other then that I basically taught myself everything. Not saying he didn’t teach me anything just saying he didn’t try. I always observed and accepted him for who he was. Wasn’t much of an emotional man. But always there.

What things did you take from your experience growing up into your own fatherhood journey?

As I sit and think now, growing up I needed guidance. I always was head on with things without thinking. As I got older I realized the values of using your brain and not just acting upon thought. Basically I taught myself patience and realized I needed to have a lot of it when it comes to children. Emotional affection is something I always needed and is the reason I apply so much to my children today.

Have you had any obstacles on your fatherhood journey?

I could go on for days honestly ??‍♂️ But I’ll keep it short. For starters I didn’t meet my son until he was 4. His mother left town when she got pregnant and basically showed up in my life. I knew nothing about him and had to build a relationship and trust with him. Which was not easy because of his mom. With my girls mom things were rocky in the beginning simply because I was in and out of jail. As time went on we built a bond and have been going steady ever since and is now currently waiting on our son any day now.

What advice would you give others new on their fatherhood journey?

Don’t give up. In the beginning things will be hardest depending on your situation but that’s when you have to look at self and man up and realize it’s not about you anymore.

If you could write a quick letter to your father, starting with “Dear Father,” what would you say?

Dear Father,

Love, Mel

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