3 Yoga Poses for Black Men by Nico Marie

Advertorial Post by: Nico Marie
Since I decided to start teaching yoga, my mission has been to create space for Black people to receive the healing and health benefits of yoga. I found this to be important as I was finding trouble feeling welcome in the yoga community when I first started.
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I’ve been teaching yoga with a certification in Vinyasa since 2016, and am most passionate
about making yoga accessible and affordable for those who may not normally be seen in this field. I am looking to continue to spread the knowledge of yoga to help my community push towards healing, self-love, & a sense of belonging.

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Men stand to gain an endless amount of benefits of yoga, from flexibility to stress reduction. Yoga can strengthen your muscles, improve your mobility & posture, and help you to prevent injury. Yoga is also known to lower stress which in turn can help to prevent stress related health complications. Studies have also shown that yoga can improve your sleep habits. Again, there’s an endless amount of benefits for men, but ultimately, it can greatly improve your quality of life.


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