This Girl Dad seeks to leave a Crowning Legacy – Generational Wealth

Five stamps on each passport and over three continents traveled, at six and four,  Lauren and Lindsay Austin are learning what it means to be culturally enriched and kissed by the warmth of many different suns,   “I did not get to experience these things growing up; hearing my girls talk about their passport stamps is flattering. Knowing they can share about their experiences with others and even understand how to maneuver the airport process — matters to me. My girls have taken in various expressions of heritage. They have been exposed  to diverse lifestyles and recognize the essence of life that exists beyond US borders”. All reasons that fuel this father’s ambition toward continued  success and greater  adventure. 

The Austin’s take Paris!

Laron Austin is a Development Manager at General Motors, a father, husband, son, brother and friend. Growing up outside of Detroit, Michigan the pillars of his childhood were strength, unity, intelligence, responsibility and leadership. 

LaRon’s late grandfather and father

We were the 3 musketeers” reminiscing about he, his late father and late grandfather and the deeply rooted bond they shared throughout his life. He spent a lot of time with his grandfather and his wife because they lived in close proximity to LaRon and his family. This laid an unshakable foundation for LaRon. His family instilled the importance of education, the empowerment to be resilient, and as his grandfather instructed “don’t take any wooden nickles”. The patriarch of the family also planted the seeds of financial literacy in the soil of his young mind and reiterated the importance of being savvy with resources and having the ability to care for ones self. 

These influences shaped him into a driven and wise man of excellence. 

My #1 goal is to ensure that my children have a solid  foundation and that they start off with financial backing”. He desires for them to have the ability to pursue their purpose and not have financial strains when embarking upon the journey. This is a goal that LaRon shares with many young, black fathers around the globe. Now that we live in an age of information accesibility; millennial’s are refining skills around budgeting, investing, and passive income opportunities. They are learning new ways to generate and attain wealth —  LaRon exhorts us all to be students because life is always teaching valuable lessons. 

IMG 0869
A Thriving Family

The highlight of fatherhood for him is when his girls come home from school and teach him what they’ve been learning in class. He thoroughly enjoys watching them grow and the lessons they excitedly share on their colors, math and reading.  “Seeing your child develop is a great feeling” says Austin. 

And development has been critical to Austin’s professional ascent:

  “Use your channels effectively. Networking is key. Create a positive environment around you. Seek out ways to prosper. Be part of the uptrends and get ahead of the curve as soon as you can”

So what is it like being outnumbered by the three loves of his life; his two daughters and beautiful wife, Tiffany? “I never had younger girls in my life so I am unable to do their hair or be on that level with them; having my wife to handle the girl part of their upbringing is tremendous. Tiffany is very patient and a relentless advocate for talking things out so she provides the perfect balance which is important” professes Austin.

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Mr. and Mrs. Austin

And speaking of love and marriage, LaRon shared that aside from generational wealth, his second most important goal is to ensure his children do not experience a broken or combative household.  His wife affectionately known as his “best friend, baby mama, partna, homie, ace” and him are keenly focused on pouring into their covenant  and fortifying it on the daily in order to realize this shared aspiration. 

Love is the majestic thread woven throughout the fabric of this family. Austin explains his girls like hugs and kisses, and his favorite part of saying “I love you” is the warmth of their young voices saying it back and meaning from the depths of their hearts. 

LaRon on Legacy:

IMG 0867“i will be the one to break the poverty line for those in my generation. I want my children’s children to be good. I want my kids to know how to manage financially and continue to afford them a comfortable life and not one of depravity”

LaRon’s life profoundly exemplifies Proverbs 13:22 a good man leaving an inheritance to his children’s children. 

We honor him for his dedication to  breaking generational curses and being a conduit of generational blessing. His shrewd ethic, courage, curiosity and  continued faith will impact many lives and ensure the August legacy endures throughout the generations. 


Austins at Acropolis of Athens

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