Grammy Winning Producer, Rickey “Slikk Muzik” Offord, Shares Why He Accepted the Role of Husband, Father and The Importance of Consistency

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Grammy winning music producer, Rickey “Slikk Muzik” Offord

Tell us about yourself?  My name is Rickey “Slikk Muzik” Offord.  I’m a multi platinum, two-time Grammy award winning music producer. I’ve produced music for records, soundtracks, TV, film, video games, for all types of genres. I’ve produced music for Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $, Tory Lanez and others. I’m from Dallas, Texas–Pleasant Grove. I graduated high school from West Mesquite High School where I played football and continued to play football at Texas A&M-Commerce University. I played for three years and eventually would drop out to pursue my music career. I’m a husband to my beautiful Wife and father to three beautiful children.

How did the name Slikk Muzik come about?  Growing up, people would sit at the lunch table and freestyle. I was always the go to person to hit the beat. Everybody said I reminded them of the legend Slick Rick so that’s where the name came from. I technically couldn’t go by Slick Rick so Slikk Muzik was formed.

How involved were you with the music even while juggling the schedule of a collegiate athlete?

From middle school, all the way through college; I’ve always made beats. A lot of my teammates either rap or sang so they would link up with me to make music. That was a side hustle to help get me through college. I had a mini studio set up in my dorm–a beat machine and microphone. We would create music after practice.

How did your career transition from making beats with teammates to major recording artist?

Around my junior year in college, I was working with a local record label in Dallas. I got the opportunity to hang out with Trick Daddy and that opened my eyes to possibilities that I could really do something with music. That opportunity didn’t pan out but it was a good learning experience. I ended up moving back with my mom, working a 9-5 but I still made beats. I sharpened my craft and never quit. I found myself in all kinds of different studios around Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), working with a lot of different people,  networking and getting my music out. Around 2013, I finally left my corporate job and moved to Los Angeles to pursue music full time. 

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Slikk Muzik

What was that moment where you felt like you’ve made the right decision to pursue music? 

Prior to going to LA, I started doing beat battles and never lost. I met a guy who would end up becoming my mentor.  He took me under his wing and gave me guidance. He encouraged me to get involved in the music scene in LA and to meet with some of the major record labels. I would use up all my vacation time at Bank of America to go to LA to connect with artist, song writers and other producers. Finally, I got connect with some song writers that worked with Baby Face at Universal Records. So in 2013, I produced the track, “Lovin It” for Ariana Grande’s debut album, “Yours Truly.” That album would go on to go platinum and it was a snowball effect. It was that moment when I things started to take place for my career.

What’s the advice you tend to share with inspiring producers or artist? 

Consistency! After things took off for my career, following the Ariana album–I had a set back with my health. In 2016, I ended up having complications from an outpatient surgery. I actually died multiple times during the 33 days I was in a coma. I literally flat-lined. By the grace of God, I’m here today to tell that story. After I recovered and got my health back, I stayed consistent with making music. You have to eat, breathe and sleep music. It’s not an overnight success thing–it has to be a lifestyle. I would go on to win two Grammies and just recently won a NAACP award for Tamela Mann’s song, “Touch From You.” But again, consistency and perseverance.

Tell us about your family? I’m a newlywed. My Wife and I got married in October of 2020. We have three beautiful children. There are all a blessing to me–they brought a balance I needed for my life. I met them shortly after surviving the coma. The three children are not my biological children but I treat them as such. They all helped me figure out what it means to be a man and also taught me a lot about myself. I’ve embraced being a father to my “bonus” children and feel I gravitate to all of them especially the youngest one. He and I have a special relationship because of the love of music–even for him at 8 years old. He constantly wants to be around me while I’m in the studio. The entire journey of accepting this family has changed my perspective on being a parent and being a man.

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Rickey “Slikk Muzik” Offord and family

How has becoming a parent impacted your career? 

Prior to having children, I always thought having a family would slow down the progression of my career. Being in LA, I would be in studios for 12-16 hours at a time–late nights and early mornings and sleeping in the studio. But, when I accepted this family a fire lit up inside me. It was no longer just about me–it’s about these other four people. For me, being married and having children took my grind to a whole new level and I’m blessed.

How was it for you to accept the love from your Wife and the role of fatherhood? 

We had been together off and on for about four years prior to me proposing to her. We had up and downs like all relationships but it was the passing of her late father that put things in perspective for me. He gave me his blessings to marry my Wife and he was someone I looked up too. We leaned on each through that grieving process and I knew this is the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We both seen the good, the bad, and the ugly with one another and was still able to stick by each other.

As for playing the role of being a father, there’s a lot of children that doesn’t have the privilege of having both parents in the house. My parents divorced when I was young so I know that feeling. A void gets created. I put myself in our kids’ shoes and didn’t want that for them. They are great kids and I wanted to be a role model for them. I tell them all the time to be better than me and their mother.

What impact did your parent’s divorce have on you as a child and as a father today? 

I was angry at my mom but didn’t understand why. As a kid, all you know is that your parents are suppose to be together and mine were not. I was fortunate to have be able to cope through music. I channeled my feelings and frustrations on the drums and things expanded from there.

My parent’s divorce also taught the value of being in a child’s life. Even for children, hardships are created when a family separates and that experience helped me to accept the role of a father figure.

How did the song, “The Way I Do” come about? 

I recorded the song, “The Way I Do, with my youngest child. He goes by the name, Ry

the way I do
Ry Muzik, “The Way I Do”

Muzik. It’s his third song recorded but first release. He wrote his first song when he was 4 years old. He lit up when he first heard his voice playback through the speakers. He truly loves music. He’s constantly in the studio with me, sometimes staying up until 3 in the morning–asking a 1000 questions. Sometimes, I have to remind him that I am working, LOL! But he’s so excited and intrigued with music–he’s much more advance than I was at his age.

How does having children give keep you up to date with the latest and trendy sounds of today’s music? 

They definitely keep me in the loop of what’s going on. It seems everything is catered for Tik Tok. But I’m a musician so I can adapt my sounds for any artist or genre. I’ll tell the in a minute if a song is trash! Tik Tok or not, LOL!

What’s something your Dad for you as a child that you find yourself implementing as a parent? 

Teaching me how to be a young man and to conduct yourself as young black man. He taught me to be presentable out in public, have manners and have a good character about yourself. Those are some of things I stress and that my Dad taught me. I want our kids to always do a great job in representing my Wife and I.

How is your work and home life balance? 

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Rickey “Slikk Muzik” Offord with Wife and three children

It’s actually good! Surprisingly, good. I was worried about that when I got married but I’m fortunate that my Wife’s father was in the music business. She grew up in a music studio being around him so she knows what my workload is like. But also, having a home studio helps me with having dinner with my family–also put in quality time.

What are your go to albums that you go and draw inspirations from?

Tupac – All Eyes On Me

Biggie – Life After Death

Michael Jackson – Off The Wall

Prince – Purple Rain

Jay-Z – The Blueprint

If you could write a short letter to your father starting with “Dear Father,” what would you say?

 Dear Father,

Thank you for showing me how to become the man that I am today–the future man that I will be. A respectable man and a man that would overcome obstacles, adversities. Thank you for teaching me to be a man of God. Thank for teaching me how to be a hard worker and achieving whatever goals that I want to focus on.


Where can folks find you on the “innaet?”

IG: @SlikkMuzik

Twitter: @SlikkMuzik

Facebook: @SlikkMuzik




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