Sherod Cox Says Being a Father is an “Everyday, lifelong journey”

Name: Sherod Cox | City: Dallas, TX | IG: @TheOfficialSherod_

What does being a father mean to you?

It’s a everyday, life long journey. Being a father is more than the title “father”. You have to be consistent in your child’s life in every aspect of their life, you have to be their protection, their provider, in some cases the disciplinarian, their covering, number 1 top supporter next to the mother of the child of course, and also a wise council. Being a father or parent in general, isn’t just a simple task, but a constant learning curve that you have to learn and grow each and every day to be better than the day before.

Describe your experience with your father growing up and how that impacted you today.

My experience with my father was overall, okay. My father had many imperfections, however at the end of the day he still loved me unconditionally and gave me a good blueprint to follow on being a good father. He has shown/proven to me the importance of the relationship between a father and his children. For that, I’ll cherish forever and respect him for that and continue to strive to be a great father for my children.

What things did you take from your experience growing up into your own fatherhood journey?

From my own personal journey, I’ll try to focus on the positives; A few good things my father displayed that I’ve utilized in my fatherhood journey is showing me the importance of “grinding” for your family. “A man that doesn’t work, doesn’t eat”-2 Thessalonians 3:11. I want nothing but the absolute best for myself and my family, therefore it is important to me to do just that. My son and babygirl are spoiled and literally gets anything that they want. They know their dad works hard and as long as their doing good in school academically and maintaining good behavior at school and at home, then the world is theirs.

Have you had any obstacles on your fatherhood journey?

Absolutely! A big obstacle in my fatherhood journey, I would say is time. Due to my busy work schedule of constantly being on the go, it’s sometimes difficult to spend that downtown with my children as I would like. Most of the time if I’m getting home late, my kids are already in the bed. However every now and then, I’ll have a few open free days during the week where I take full advantage and spend as much time with them as I possibly can. Especially on the weekends as well.

What advice would you give others new on their fatherhood journey?

Be consistent in your child’s life, support your child in any and every aspect of their life, know that your time is better than money, but money is needed to take care of your child, have a strong support system of mutual fathers that you can relate to, protect them, love them unconditionally, teach them wisely and strive to raise them to be great in their own personal life when they’re all grown up and depart from you.

If you could write a quick letter to your father, starting with “Dear Father,” what would you say?

Dear father, I just want to simply say thank you! Thank you for raising me to being an exceptionally well BLACK man/father. I appreciate you for all the chastisements, laughs, and love you have shown me over the years. You’re a great dude despite all of the things we’ve been through, I still love you man. We may not see eye to eye but one thing for certain is I’ll always have your back just like you have mine!

List 5 fathers you cosign. (Add their IG names)
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