Shane Mosley, Jr. Talks About Creating His Own Lane as a Boxer, Husband, and Father

I’m sure you’ve heard the name Sugar Shane Mosley! But unless you are a boxing aficionado, you may not be as familiar with Shane Mosley, Jr. Like his father, Shane Jr. is also a professional boxer with a 17-3 record (10 KO). He’s also a soon to be husband to fiancée, Alyssa and dedicated father to two boys, Zaiden (7) and Audison (5).

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Shane Mosley, Sr. and young Shane Jr.

At the age of two, Shane Sr. took full custody of Shane Jr. as he was young himself and working towards a professional boxing career. But with the of help of his parents, Shane Sr. was able to raise his son while moving up the ranks as a professional fighter. He then won the World Title and was able to move him and his son out of his parent’s house.

Shane Jr. recalls growing up with his father as his sole provider, “I grew up watching him work hard, be responsible, and take full responsibility as a man and watch how a man should be with his kids!” When I asked Shane Jr. about his relationship with his father growing up outside of the fighting, he responded with a very poignant answer.

“Everything my dad is, is a fighter. You know what I mean? My dad is competitive. He’s personable. He’s all those things and that comes from boxing! Me and him don’t ever have a conversation that doesn’t pertain to boxing. It’s because he can relate everything back to boxing.”

In some ways, it was almost inevitable that Shane Jr. became a professional boxer. He credits his father for his competitive spirit that he already is starting to see be displayed with his sons. Shane Jr. said his father never vocalized him becoming a boxer as well. Shane Jr. describes growing up and watching the sport day after day and witnessing the mindset that you develop and all the benefits it has as reasons he followed in his father’s footsteps.

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Shane Jr. with his father, Shane Sr. and grandfather, Jack

In an attempt to be his own man and not have to live in the shadow of his father, Shane Jr. stopped working with his father as his coach and moved out of his house. He then endured his struggle period as he was trying to find himself. He lived on a friend’s couch and would train people to make ends meet. But he credits that struggle as a tool to help him grow and claims it was necessary to help him become a better fighter, a better man, and a better father! He remained consistent in his training during this time and was able to get on The Contender series, a reality show that follows a group of boxers as they compete with one another in an elimination style competition.

Also during this time, Shane Jr. fell in love with his fiancé. They had known each other since they were teenagers and even dated while in high school but that dwindled. They remained friends and kept in touch. Once their love rekindled, she had two sons who Shane quickly claimed as his own. And unless he told you, you would not know they were not his biological children. He does not believe in the word “step!”

“If I look at them as other, I’m going to treat them as other but if I look at them as my own, I’m going to treat them as my own!”

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Shane with fiancée Alyssa and sons, Zaiden and Audison

Having stepped in the role as instant dad, Shane Jr. says that raising children is harder than any opponent he’s faced in the ring! And doing both, boxing and raising children is definitely a balancing act that is not easy, but he tries his best to balance them both! He chooses to train in Las Vegas where he and his family lives rather than leave like a lot of boxers, so he can remain a present father. He boasts that he’s at every one of Zaiden’s football practices and games. Cheering the loudest!

“To me, it shows more mental toughness if you can deal with the distractions while training rather than putting it away to the side… So most of the time when you see me at the gym, you see my family.”

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Shane with youngest son, Audison

He says the key to success is having a strong team. Having his family by his side daily is just as important to him as having his coaches and managers there. This is one of the reasons he says his children are home-schooled. Yes, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and most kids are being home-schooled, but Shane and Alyssa are using a faith-based curriculum taught by her. He finds home schooling them to be very beneficial because they are able to shape their minds the way they see fit, rather than relying on a school system who doesn’t have the kids best interest at heart. Also with homeschooling, the children are able to travel with him while he’s working!

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Shane boxing with oldest son, Zaiden

If you ever get a chance to talk with Shane, you’ll see a man who is HAPPY with his life. He loves that he’s really finding his groove with his career. But he really starts to glow when he talks about his family. He’s looking forward to being a husband. He loves being a father and is hoping to have a baby girl some day!

And I couldn’t let him go without having him write a quick letter to his father!

Dear Father,

Thank you for my life! Thank you for giving me so many blessings and so much of your life. I’m so appreciative of you! Thank you!

Shane is truly someone who is moving in the right direction in life, especially in terms of fatherhood. I’m looking forward to following his journey.

You should follow him too!

Instagram: @shanemosleyjr

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Shane Jr. and Shane Sr.


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