Meet Two Fathers in the Nashville Community Taking Action with Their Bridge Builder Program

Tell us a little about yourself (who you are, background, etc)

My name is Daniel Craig and I am from Chattanooga TN, Special Education teacher and President of Bridge Builders Program Inc. I’m a huge fan of the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Lakers and “America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys.

Tell us about the Bridge Builder Programs Inc.

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Daniel Craig, Ashlee Johnson, and Quintin Robinson of the Bridge Builder Programs Inc.

Quintin Robinson and I had a very long conversation about how there is a lot of people in need of help and we wanted to do something about it. The Bridge Builder program is a nonprofit organization for helping kids in K-12. We work to give them the tools they need in life to get ahead and to make sure they know they have support.In addition to our K-12 work, we also help collegiate men by supporting them and showing them how they can further their education and prepare them for their future career paths.

 What was your fatherhood experience like growing up and how did that impact you as a father yourself?

My father was firm, fair and consistent. He was big on being punctual, not wasting time, and taking care of the business. Both of my parents were in the military, so they ran a tight ship! It taught me to lead and to step up and speak up when others wouldn’t.

As an educator, you possibly play a fatherly figure role for many of your students. How has that impacted you as a man? I make sure that I’m always setting a good example for them because I know they’re watching. I try to teach them to be selfless in life and to do the little things like listening to others.

 What’s wrong with the narrative displayed about black fathers and what things do you do to help change that narrative?

I think black fathers get the deadbeat dad narrative a lot. In order to change the narrative, I think all dads should take the time to know their rights as a father especially in co-parenting situations. Fathers shouldn’t let a piece of paper stand in between the love you have for your child. Show up and be vocal about your love and feelings for your child. It’s important that they constantly hear that from you.

What goals do you have for Bridge Builder?

Expansion! We would like to make an impact worldwide and have people smile every time you say “Bridge Builders Program Inc” and they remember all the great things we have done for the world.

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Name your top TV dad of all time and explain why?

Bill Cosby, the reason is he set a high standard, He was a doctor and always made time for his kids, every night was family night. Bill made it a point that education would take you far in the world and he wanted for all of his kids.

What advice would you give someone that’s new on the fatherhood journey? Take the time to listen, understand, love hard and just watch them grow. Always and I mean always be at every game, cheer leading, softball, basketball, etc. game. Just be there for them when things get hard.                       

If you could write a short letter to your father starting with “Dear Father,” what would you say?

  1. Dear Father,  I would like to thank you for not sugarcoating the lessons of life. Thank you for teaching me how to navigate life’s obstacles such as disappointments, death, and the value of work ethic. You taught me that everyone isn’t going to like what you’re doing or you in general and that’s OK!  Daniel

How can people get connected with you?

Call us at (615) 609-9446

Email us at

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Instagram: @thebridgebuildertn

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