Angel Morel Brown Says, “I Remained Father-Full by Choosing Joy When Fatherless.”

There is truly a light within the darkest places of our lives, and Angel is one of those lamps. Angel Morel Brown is an Author, Mentor, and Speaker who truly captivates the essence of healing and self-empowerment through the Holy Spirit and her relationship with Christ, as well the living in truth and resiliency to battle life circumstances, change one’s perspective, and heal. Angel sees writing as her outlet, so it was fitting to author a book, Fatherless Daughters, that expresses the stories of five women, including Angel, who grew up fatherless. Her testimony is powerful, and her energy is contagious, as it oozes through all of her words and gestures throughout the conversation. Shine, Angel.

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Birth of Fatherless Daughters

Angel mentioned that after having issues with her computer, she took it to get serviced. During this, everything was deleted from her hard drive! Thus, she saw it as an opportunity to start fresh, and specifically to pick up consistently writing again. Angel was also leading a non-profit that addressed self-perception and esteem in young girls. She recognized that the influence from media deeply impacted how her young girls perceived themselves. This led Angel to write Fatherless Daughters, hoping that it was a story to the girls who she mentors—not realizing this would be a story to herself as well.

The book is about five women, including Angel, who grew up Fatherless in diverse situations. Angel’s father was incarcerated during her life, so she had limited interactions with him.

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Emotional Journey While Writing

Angel discussed that numerous emotions arose while writing Fatherless Daughters. She quickly realized that she forgot she was fatherless, and that there were parts of her life that she has never talked about within herself, or amongst her circle. From this, she felt the need to confront her emotions and thoughts around her father, and that could no longer be pushed out or ignored. She chose to share this interpretation of being “fatherless” with her father, which helped to guide the healing process.

Angel advised that healing is a process, and that “you have to face it head on” to make the attempt to rectify, especially when healing wounds may reopen while writing or expressing.

Being Father-Full

Angel, while being fatherless, saw that she was father-full by having her spiritual Father, and that this was the most necessary realization to heal from her relationship with her earthly father. Angel gave high attention to the impact of mental health, and how blinded one may become to the impact of trauma if one is not turning to their spiritual Father.

Being Fatherless is not a Disease or Curse”

Angel empowers her readers to understand that being fatherless is not a burden that must be carried by the offspring that forever binds an individual. She mentions that this is a collaborative effort to help us all redefine what is means to have a father, and to encourage each other in our unique structures of family, especially amongst other women. Angel states, “the curse is not being fatherless, but how you choose to perceive yourself or people who are different than you.” Therefore, Angel passionately advises to address our perceptions and change them to a manner that is more accepting and empathetic towards the reality of our experiences.


Angel placed a high value upon empathy and humility to create healing within ourselves from being fatherless. She realized that she had to understand the life of her father—drugs, dropping out of school, and presence of family. She saw the little boy who was still in him and understood that he was not afforded the tools to become anymore successful as a man or father. Acceptance of him, as well as growth and forgiveness within herself, cultivated a conversation, which turned into a journey of understanding one another. The greatest lesson learned is that “you must be able to give to yourself what you are seeking to give to others (love, forgiveness, empathy).”

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Photographed by Martez Wilson Photography; Atlanta, Georgia

Lasting Thoughts

Angel remains Father-Full daily through having peace and choosing joy. She continues to encourage to face trauma head on and recognize what level you may have to interact with others so that you can remain healthy. Angel recognizes that you may sometimes have to honor your parents from a distance, which is the current state of her and her father. Nonetheless, she is committed to the lifelong journey of addressing, cultivating, and healing from the trauma. “It’s worth it”.

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