Quinton Childs Shares His “Dads In Delivery” Story

Name: Quinton Childs | City: Chicago, IL | IG: @qmakesithappen

Take us through your thoughts the moment you realized your child was ready to come into this world.

I was ready for whatever and it literally felt like game time! I was thinking this is actually happening and I have to step up even more. In my mind I saw my woman meeting her healthy daughter and I kept all positive thoughts. There were moments when I didn’t know what to think or feel as well. I guess melancholy is the best way to describe it.

dear fathers-dads in delivery

What were your physical, mental, and emotional feelings while in the delivery room as your child was entering the world.

Physically I was drained as I was up 48hrs prior. Mentally I was just standing as strong as I could. I’m a stoic individual so emotionally nothing showed externally other than a calm cool demeanor. It wasn’t until my daughter was coming out that my eyes welled up.

Describe what it felt like holding your child for the first time?

It was extremely warm, heartfelt, and empowering! I literally felt like I was on top of the world.

dear fathers-dads in delivery

Do you have any advice for fathers who are expecting for the first time?

Be ready and willing to meet any requests from the mother of your child. Whatever she throws your way, eat it! Don’t stress her out, make this as smooth and comfortable for her and your child as possible.

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