Kevin McCants shares his “Dads In Delivery” story

Name: Kevin McCants | City: Bakersfield, CA | IG: @twentyfour7kevin

Take us through your thoughts the moment you realized your child was ready to come into this world.

My wife woke me up around 2am saying she was feeling contractions. That’s all I needed to hear! I grabbed my contraction timer (the app) and within 5 minutes, the app was alerting us to get to the hospital immediately.

When we arrived they told us She was at 5cm and that confirmed it was Showtime!

I couldn’t wait to meet my little man. I felt prepared. I had read books like What to Expect, watched YouTube videos and sought out advice from some amazing Fathers I knew.

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What were your physical, mental, and emotional feelings while in the delivery room as your child was entering the world.

Physically I was tired… But there’s no complaining when your wife is laboring with your child lol. Our doula(a woman employed to provide guidance, support and advocacy to pregnant women) taught me the “Counter-Pressure Technique” it involved an intensive deep massage like squeeze on the lower back to offset the pain of contractions.

My wife was so grateful for the relief it brought on so with every contraction I was kneeding and pressing on Her, helping Her through. It helped Her but honestly it gave me joy to be there for Her & our Son.

My wife labored for about 7 hours total, she demanded no pain medication, no epidural no NOTHING. She was a SAVAGE before thee Stallion lol. We practiced “hypno-birthing” it’s in short, basically words of affirmation and creating an atmosphere of positivity.

When it was time to push I watched His head come through and I remember crying immediately. Couldn’t believe what I saw, but just that fast he was back in lol she pushed Him out in about 3, yes THREE minutes!

He entered this world a sweet & calm Baby Boy, with peace and clarity because my Wife is A CHAMPION. She always says we we’re a team so she was definitely our MVP!

Describe what it felt like holding your child for the first time?

I remember looking Trey in His eyes thinking I”will not let you down”.

My wife and I tried for over 6 years to have children and He was the literal manifestation of our dreams and prayers… Right in my hands.

Holding him was unreal. It’s still unreal just over a year later. We celebrate every milestone. We cherish every moment.

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Do you have any advice for fathers who are expecting for the first time?

Educate yourself. We had a perfect scenario. I came in being very protective and hyper-aware because of the danger Black Women face when it comes to maternity.

Be an advocate for your wife because she may not be able to advocate for herself and your child. You can’t advocate if you aren’t informed, Brothers!

Try to learn the counter pressure technique. She will love you for it… Maybe do some bicep curls and grip training lol cause your arms and hands will get tired.

Good luck to every 1st time Father.

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