Michael Summerford wants to put his kids in the best position to win

Name: Michael Summerford | City: Harrisburg | IG: @BrennyMizz

What does being a father mean to you?

Giving my kids the best opportunity to succeed… putting them in position to win remind them it won’t be easy but it’s worth from my experience as a child from my dad not being around.

dear fathers-1000 fearless fathers

Describe your experience with your father growing up and how that impacted you today.

My father being in and out of my life …. less in more out …drives me so my kids will never have that void or know what it feels like to not have dad around.

What things did you take from your experience growing up into your own fatherhood journey?

I took the fact of him not being here I was able to mold and teach my self along with my mom she has always had my back but as a man he gave me the opportunity to see life from a different perspective I took him not being and it motivated to be the man he never was for me.

Have you had any obstacles on your fatherhood journey? If so, explain.

Yes I have a 7 and a 1 year old they teach me to be patient …. kind and it taught me how to be very humble cause they are watching my every move.

What advice would you give others new on their fatherhood journey?

At first it’s gonna tough but every growing moment will be worth the sleepless night and all the hard work it takes to raise solid kids

If you wanted to write a quick letter to your father, starting with “Dear Father,” what would you say?

Dear father, I forgive you.

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