There has long been a perception that most African American players in the NBA do not have fathers involved in their lives. But the most recent NBA drafts shattered these stereotypes, as most of the black players were introduced with their dads and shared emotional, celebratory moments with them on camera.

Who could forget the moment in the 2018 NBA draft when a proud Wendell Carter Sr. and Kylia Carter walked out during introductions wearing Black Panther-inspired garb with their drafted son? One of the most unforgettable moments in the 2019 draft was an emotional RJ Barrett being beautifully consoled by his father, Rowan, after being drafted by the New York Knicks. Or when dressed-to-the-nines Tee Morant celebrated the moment with his son, Ja, after he was selected by the Memphis Grizzlies in June.

The Undefeated’s senior NBA writer Marc J. Spears hosted a candid conversation with Wendell Carter Sr.; Tee Morant; Winston Garland, former NBA player and father of Cleveland Cavaliers rookie Darius; and Charles Paul, father of superstar Chris Paul, to discuss black fatherhood and the joys and challenges of raising NBA sons.

Discussion highlights: Tee’s emotional moment on camera with Ja (2:20), the stereotypes that persist about black fathers (4:37), dealing with questionable agents (7:15), biggest concerns for sons (9:12), privacy concerns and relationship with women (9:58), money dynamics (10:27), having “the talk” with their sons (17:21), individual message to sons ahead of the upcoming season (21:09).